Sunday, April 18, 2010

40th Anniversary of Apollo 13

While Andrew and I were shooting photos in the Flint Hills yesterday, 50 mi. to the west a celebration was taking place: The 40th anniversary of the successful conclusion Apollo 13 mission at the Kansas Cosmosphere
The Wichita Eagle and Hutchinson News have complete coverage, just clock on the colored links. The Eagle has additional photos here

You'll recall that Apollo 13 was the mission to the moon that suffered an in-flight explosion on the way. The mission had to be aborted and the astronauts barely made it back alive. It was the subject of the wonderful Tom Hanks' movie Apollo 13

Yesterday's event featured the astronauts, Gene Kranz the flight director (memorably played by Ed Harris in the movie), and the behind-the-scenes people who made the safe return possible.  The Eagle reported it was the first time astronaut Haise (played by Bill Paxton in the movie) saw the restored capsule since climbing out of it exactly 40 years before. 

The Cosmophere restored the Apollo 13 capsule and has it on permanent display. 

The Cosmosphere is at least the second best space museum in the United States. If you have never visited, do so next time you are in the area. You will not be disappointed. 

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