The Biden Administration and Big Climate Don't Want to Fix Global Warming

The Biden Administration and Big Climate (I'm repeating myself) don't want to fix global warming. It is now obvious for anyone to see. From Foreign Policy,

For anyone hoping to reboot the nuclear power sector as a source of zero-carbon energy in the age of climate change, the news has not been good. On Feb. 28, the staff of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) forwarded [new rules regarding licensing next generation nuclear reactors]:

The new rules, mandated by the U.S. Congress, were supposed to provide a modern, streamlined licensing process for new small reactors in advanced stages of development by multiple U.S. and international companies. Instead, the NRC staff simply cut and pasted the existing rules for large conventional reactors into a mammoth 1,200-page relation for new reactor types. 

These developments are a shock...

No kidding. The reason we haven't heard of this is that the MSM doesn't care about anything the Biden Administration doesn't want them to and, in general, the media doesn't care about anything science or engineering-related. By installing nuclear (and hydro) -- especially with next-generation nuclear -- the world can have inexpensive, carbon free energy ... essential in Africa and other poverty-ridden areas. That is the last thing the anti-human, global warming extremists want. 

There is no way Big Climate and Biden want to solve or improve climate situation! Because, if they do, they loose the political fundraising and political leverage. The latest fiasco is proof. 


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