Pal-Review, Not Peer-Review

Dr. Judy Curry is one of the most prominent climate scientists in the United States.
The fascinating thread is here. In climate science, this is known as "pal review" rather than "peer review." 

Over the weekend I had, for the umpteenth time, the conversation with a person who calls himself a climate scientist and I asked him "what is earth's optimal temperature for humanity to flourish?" when he was proposing geo-engineering to cool the earth. You can see the exchange -- with the predictable reply -- below.

Above is his reply. I'm intentionally leaving off his name.
So, we have this clique of climate 'scientists' that won't even attempt to answer some of the most very basic questions involving the climate and its relationship to humanity. That would seem rather important, especially if we are going to try to cool the climate with the giant risk of shortening growing seasons and causing famine.

Finally, I'm quite familiar with climate science but, as David points out, this cancer occurs in other areas of science.


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