If You Don't Think You Need to Shelter For Tornado Warnings...

I think this video will change your mind. 

And, if you think it is a good idea to go outside to view a tornado, consider this:
Once rain wraps around a tornado, it becomes invisible. This tornado, which occurred this past Wednesday, killed two in Oklahoma. 

Finally, in this screen capture from Pecos Hank, a reminder that if you don't have a tornado shelter or a basement, the place to shelter is in a small room (closet, bath) in the middle of the lowest floor of the house. 

Finally, Dr. Craig Ceecee has assembled a list of public shelters. Go here and then zoom, and then click on the location of interest. It will provide with the exact street address. This is particularly useful for mobile home dwellers. A sample is below. 
However, if you use a public shelter that is more than a short walk, you will need to allow extra time to arrive due to possible auto traffic in the area. If there is a tornado watch in effect and thunderstorms, go ahead and move to the public shelter. 


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