ABC News is Wrong: Hurricanes Are Not Increasing

Almost from day one (1988) in the global warming era, climate scientists advocates have wanted to be able to say, "massive hurricanes are the new normal" or something similar. About every 3-5 years, they trot out a new computer modeling study and Big Climate rolls out its PR apparatus. It is unfortunate that ABC News bit -- again. 

They loved (the rest of us hated) Hurricane Katrina and we were deluged with stories using the focus-grouped term, "new normal." The story below is from 2020 -- they were still milking Katrina 15 years later!

The ABC News story foolishly says,
Well, yeah, there are some isolated papers that say that. But, here is what the "gold standard" IPCC says,
Via Roger Pielke, Jr.'s Substack
In other words: there is no conclusive science hurricanes are getting worse nor is there any real evidence that humans are causing any changes. 

Unfortunately for Big Climate (fortunately for the rest of us), Mother Nature rarely cooperates with their "computer model studies." The facts are below. 

The graph goes back to 1979 -- which is the first year we had worldwide weather satellite coverage so we could accurately count the number of hurricanes globally. 
There is no increase in hurricanes since 1979 nor have they gone up since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (red line). 

The Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) Index is peer-reviewed. It is a metric that combines hurricane numbers and intensity. 
There was a rise from 1979 to the early to middle-90's and a drop since. The year of Katrina, 2005 (red line), was an active year but it has not been repeated. This graph includes last year's devastating Hurricane Ian which struck southwest Florida.  

As to US landfalling hurricanes, mentioned in the ABC story, the trend is down.
In other words, the "new normal" is less of a hurricane threat.

Big Climate wants to propagandize worsening hurricanes and tornadoes because that is what keeps the dollars and political influence rolling in. ABC News also wants to believe "the sky is falling" with regard to global warming. Why ABC wants to believe this unscientific nonsense is beyond me. I'm glad I am able to provide my readers with the facts. 


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