Some Great Stories You Might Have Missed

With all of the tornadoes during the last three weeks, you might have missed some stories of interest:

Violent Tornadoes are Becoming More Rare:  That story is here

Comments on the IPCC's "Summary for Policymakers:"  The IPCC releases two types of documents. Science reports (the current is still not out) and political reports. The newest of the latter was issued while we were dealing with tornadoes. My comments are here

The Effects of the December Cold Spell on the Electric Grid: The effects were major. More here

Finally, I want to make a comment about weather science in general, and the NWS SPC in particular, as it pertains to a critical forecast made before the tornado outbreak that began a week ago today. That forecast was notable because it not only forecasted a rare event -- a tornado situation that began in the middle of the night -- we were able to specifically tell people what the devastating effects were likely to be. 

I wrote (as did SPC and others) items directed to mobile home residents. This was published 21 hours in advance. Note the strong caution for mobile home residents in addition to forecasting for the public-at-large and advising all to have at least three ways to receive tornado warnings during the night. 
When the sun rose the next morning, horribly, 5 had been killed in southeast Missouri. All were residents of mobile homes. Tragic as that was, what we don't know is whether others heeded and were saved by these early forecasts, the tornado watch and the tornado warning. and were saved by that warning. Given the level of damage, my instinct says yes. I'm hoping one of several researchers who specialize in this type of study are in the area and gathering data.


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