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Stock Photography 
While much of the nation is shivering and suffering from icy conditions, we are approaching spring. If you need stock photography, I hope you will consider my collection at Adobe Stock Photography.  

If you are looking for editorial photography, my Shutterstock collection is here

With spring storms in the future, it is a great time of year to read Warnings and When the Sirens Were Silent. Warnings is the exciting, true story (told in novel form) of the development of the storm warning system and how some of the worst storms in recent history evolved. 

How was it that a train, going 70 mph, was stopped from going over this washout? Modern meteorology is the answer. That's the story told in Warnings. 

When the Sirens Were Silent is the story of the 2011 Joplin Tornado. It was the most expensive in US history. It killed 161 on a Sunday afternoon.

Live Presentations
Weather, when transformed into useful information for an industry or for entertainment, is fascinating. For more information on my live presentations, please contact Ms. Mindy East at Baron Ridge Productions

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