Do Facts Matter? Wind Energy Flops Again -- Big Time

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal had a story about how the Biden Administration is spending three trillion dollars (that bankrupt America doesn't have) to bribe communities into going along with its global warming 'solutions.' People and organizations believe they can get rich. Unfortunately, as the Obama Administration proved with now-bankrupt solar energy firm Solyndra, battery company A123,
and others, the only people who get rich from this graft are the insiders. Meanwhile, we spend ourselves into energy poverty. 

Don't believe me?

Winds were light over Alberta, Canada, Friday evening. So, wind power production fell to much less than 1% of capacity. Fortunately, temperatures were mild. But, that less than 1% figure should terrify you. Think about what would have occurred had temperatures been below zero or, in the United States, above 100°F. As they did in Texas in 2021, people die by the hundreds. And, after the initial tsunami of federal cash, the inevitable bankruptcy is filed. 

It is even worse: in Germany -- where they just shut down their last three nuclear power plants -- all fossil fuel home heating installations will be illegal after January. Politically, the USA is headed the same direction as the Biden Administration wants to "electrify everything."

If you aren't happy with the combination of higher electric rates, less reliable electricity and making China rich in the process, it is time to make your state legislators and your congressional delegation aware of your thoughts. 


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