Global Warming: Electronic Thermometers

Looks like a significant part of Australia's temperature rise was an artifact of switching to electronic thermometers. Jo Nova has a report, here

We've had similar issues in the United States due to electronic thermometers. We've written about this before. The NWS/NOAA solution was to "adjust" the data. 
National Weather Service cooperative weather station 
with air conditioner blowing hot air on the 
electronic thermometer. 

Because of these issues, including controversy over the adjustments, NOAA received funding from Congress to install a state-of-the-art U.S. National Climate Research Network which required no adjustments. Interesting, when you plot all 18 years of data from that network, there is no warming at all. See below.
This is why merely measuring the amount of warming the last 100 years is far more difficult than non-meteorologists would expect. 


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