This Is From Global Warming Fantasy Land

There is so much wrong with this story
  • Note the headline calls clear-air turbulence (CAT) "hard-to-detect." It is, even with today's high-resolution weather forecasting models. There is no way to accurately forecast it with climate models which have 1/50th the resolution. 
  • There often isn't even agreement as to what CAT is. I've been an expert witness in court cases involving serious CAT injuries when it wasn't clear air turbulence at all. The pilots had flown through the top of a thunderstorm. This occurs more than you might think. 
  • It is a myth that on-board weather radar can detect CAT. It cannot.
  • There is some ability for ground based weather radar to detect CAT but it is not very good. 
Want to make aviation safer and more comfortable? Stop spending money on studies like this and spend it on finding better ways to detect and nowcast CAT. 


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