Sunday, May 15, 2022

Good Storms; Bad Storms

With the worldwide, worsening wheat shortage it is good to note that needed rain fell in parts of the wheat belt last night. Unfortunately, it was accompanied by large hail in places.

First, a reminder where winter wheat is grown. 

Here is the 72-hour rainfall ending at 10am. 

Here is the 7-day rainfall for the region (note different scale).

Unfortunately, for most of the area, it was another week of below normal rainfall.

Also unfortunate is the presence of large hail over part of the region. This map is for the 24 hours ending at 10am. I'm especially concerned about the wheat to the south of Highway 50. 
The scale is in millimeters: 50 mm = 2" hail and 100 mm = 4 inch hail. 

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