Thursday, May 19, 2022

Colorado: Late-Season Winter Storm Warning

As of 7:17pm, a cold front was sweeping into the Front Range that will bring a record cold spell.
Note the temperature dropped 22° in ten minutes.

Here is a map of all of the weather warnings across the region for Friday. The winter storm warning includes Denver. It is likely in the Foothills and possible in the City of Denver that leafed-out trees will be seriously damaged by the storm. Sagging limbs may cause power failures. Please prepare accordingly!
WWA = winter weather advisory, which is a lesser condition than a winter storm warning. 

Below is a map of forecast snow amounts from CBS4 in Denver. Great info from the Denver NWS are here
UPDATE, 8:50pm CDT. If you know someone camping in Rocky Mountain National Park, tell them to leave immediately. Some of the new models are forecasting higher amounts of snow than the above. If that occurs, they could be trapped or injured due to falling trees. Rescue might take some time. Get out now!

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