The Problem With the IPCC's Report

Please allow me to begin by confessing that I have skimmed only a portion of the new IPCC report. I will read the entire report but was put off by the very first figure (below, left).

It is a variant of Michael Mann's infamous, and at best, misleading, "hockey stick." As the Climategate emails revealed, when Mann's data showed temperatures cooling when he thought they should be rising, he used a "trick" to splice instrumental records. 

Engineer Stephen McIntyre, has done a dogged job of documenting the misdeeds of climate 'science.' He reviews the evidence that Mann's tree bark reconstruction was wrong -- in addition to the fudging -- here

If the IPCC was as dedicated to the highest quality of science as its public relations people portray, it would never have lead with that figure as it is the epitome of what's wrong with climate science. 


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