UPDATED Ida Has Rapidly Intensified to Cat 2 (1pm Saturday)

Compare the satellite image below to the images from earlier this morning. 
NO = New Orleans. 

Winds are up to 100 mph and pressure is down to 976 millibars. The rapid intensification is now in progress. 

Update 1:15pm, The ECMWF model, statistically the world's most accurate, has just come in with a forecast of higher wind speeds than its previous run and the runs of other global models. It is now forecasting a narrow strip of 100+mph winds as far north as I-10 west of New Orleans. 

Dr. Knabb is Director the National Hurricane Center. 
Please factor this information into your decision-making. 

What I Recommend If You Are in the Higher Wind or Storm Surge Areas
  • Evacuate if you are told to do so. Before you leave, turn off water at the main valve and turn off electricity at the master switch. 
  • Make a hotel reservation well inland.  If possible, evacuate to the west due to flooding concern over Mississippi and the eastern half of Louisiana. If you have the means, this frees up the shelters for people who cannot afford hotels. Because of the flooding threat, I might recommend Sheveport or even Dallas. 
  • Figure out what you can fit in your car in the way of irreplaceable items like scrapbooks and family heirlooms. 
  • Make sure you have at least three ways of receiving vital warning information. 
  • Fully charge your smartphone and laptop before the storm arrives. Then, disconnect during the storm as power surges can damage your equipment. 
  • Prepare for power failures. If you have a generator, fill it with fuel. Do the same for your car. If you want a generator, have a professional install it.  
  • Get extra cash at the ATM. Credit cards don't work if the power fails. 
  • If you have a chain saw, fill it with fuel. 
  • Clean out gutters. 
  • Install your hurricane shutters or board up windows.


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