Sunday, August 15, 2021

The Delusional Nature of Washington, DC

It isn't just Biden. The very best thing our nation could do is move the capital to Scottsdale, Wichita, Tulsa, or Boise. Each of these cities elects both Ds and Rs and are good places to live. I have been writing about the imperative to move the capital for a decade. Consider that Fauci and company in Washington were funding the Chinese lab to make viruses more dangerous ("gain of function" research). If that doesn't convince you they view things differently than normal human beings, nothing will.

One of the most depressing images in our nation's history.
I used to have a great deal of sympathy for President
Biden because of his obvious dementia. No more.
The stakes are just too high. He needs to resign.

But, the most essential reason to move the capital is that everything inside the Beltway has turned toxic. Yes, the leeches will follow to wherever the capital happens to be, but it will be far enough away from the I-95 corrosive liberalism that extends from D.C., to Philly, to NYC, to Harford, to Boston. Given the politics of the entire region, there is no chance that a balance of ideas or policies can be achieved. Along with moving the capital, we must have civil service reform. 

Finally, to answer multiple comments and questions on Twitter, there is no way I would vote for Donald Trump in 2024. We need someone much younger than Trump/Biden/Pelosi/Leahy/Hoyer and the rest of the current geriatric set that is suffocating our nation. We need only need new ideas, we need someone with much more class and polish than Biden or Trump. 

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