10pm Saturday Hurricane Ida Update

Ida's Strength Has Not Changed Much the 
Last Three Hours

We can now see the center of the storm from the New Orleans radar. 
The open circle was the position of the storm's eye at 8:15. The closed circle was at 9:45. The storm continues to move east northeast but will turn more northwest during the night. 

Compare the satellite image from 9:40 to those earlier today in the postings below.
The black surrounding the eye has grown which is an indication that the strengthening that has been forecast is about to occur. 

The forecast of landfall has not changed much. Conditions will deteriorate during the night. Still expecting peak winds of around 130 mph. 

There is a high tornado risk from midnight tonight to 7am Monday.

FYI: The Hurricane Hunters have had to abort two missions today due to equipment problems. Not only that,  the NOAA Weather Radio in central Louisiana has failed. The Key West radar was out of service yesterday and NOAA suffered a major cable cut that connected it to its Boulder center. As well have discussed numerous times on this blog, the National Weather Service has serious issues. 


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