Our Nation's 'Intelligentsia' Are Absolute Morons

Stupid, unserious, self-centered...  there aren't adequate words to describe this idiocy. 

Lisa Boothe is correct.

I recall when President Trump went to the Pentagon to meet his generals. He said unkind things (gasp). Below is from a news report from January 17, 2020, 

The temper tantrum began when Trump started complaining about the “loser war” in Afghanistan...

“You’re all losers,” he told them. “You don’t know how to win anymore.”

It didn’t end there; According to Leonnig and Rucker, Trump became so angry that “he wasn’t taking many breaths” and bellowed to the commanders in a fit of rage, “I wouldn’t go to war with you people.”

“You’re a bunch of dopes and babies,” he shouted.

Everyone in the room was shocked.

“How does the commander in chief say that?” one participant thought, according to the Post. “What would our worst adversaries think if they knew he said this?”

Trump’s attack was apparently Tillerson’s breaking point.

“No, that’s just wrong,” he said to Trump. “Mr. President, you’re totally wrong. None of that is true.”

With the events of the last two weeks, it is obvious President Trump was correct. 
Addition: This came in a few hours after I posted this. 

[resume original post] Our intelligentsia seems to believe words and political correctness are of utmost importance. They aren't. "What would our worst adversaries think?" I assure you the Taliban, Xi and Putin do not care about political correctness, nor do they care about global warming nonsense. 
President Biden's eight months have been one utter disaster after another and I don't see the solution. It certainly isn't Vice President Harris.
Harris, the "border czar" -- who doesn't have time to deal with the border or the deadly fiasco in Afghanistan -- but does have time to go to Vietnam?! The latter was another disastrous withdrawal when we didn't properly prepare.

Of course, the politicians and media moguls had to have learned this stupidity somewhere. It is 'good' to see that Harvard is preparing the next generation

More and more I wonder if the USA wouldn't be better off with a parliamentary system of government where "no confidence" votes lead to elections. 


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