The Donald Draper School of Meteorology?

Don Draper presenting research on selling chocolate bars.
"Mad Men"

I love the National Weather Association. I became a "charter member" when the organization was formed in the 1970's. They have published a number of papers of mine (most recent in February) and I've worked on some of its committees over the years. There are some great people running the organization. In September, 2019, I was honored beyond belief when they gave me a Special Award for Lifetime Achievement

So, I was saddened and disappointed when I saw the description (below) of a paper to be presented at the National Weather Association's annual meeting later this month. The presentation is directed at broadcast meteorologists and its intent is to teach them how to "sell" global warming to "less progressive" people. Below is a cut-and-paste of the rather patronizing description of the presentation:

Talking Climate Change in Oklahoma – Getting the Message Right 
Presented by Sean Sublette and Brad Carl
Discussing climate change and its solutions in more conservative states is challenging, yet we know that inspiring action on the matter is critical. It is well understood that certain parts of the current rhetoric being used to discuss climate change on the national level does not always translate or resonate well on a more local level in these states. This issue can lead to a breakdown of important conversations ultimately delaying needed action. This project aimed to determine how local groups in Oklahoma could better engage and have a positive dialogue on climate. Specifically, it looked for where there was alignment on messaging, solutions, wording, policies, concerns, and challenges among a diverse set of groups including those in broadcast media, tribal nations, the energy sector, state agencies, and the ag sector. 


Over the course of 10 months, structured interviews were conducted with nearly 190 participants from a wide array of Oklahoma-based groups to find alignment. Questions focused on what the state of play was for climate within a given sector, what opportunities and challenges were perceived, and if research data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communications highlighting local findings seemed to be in line with what these groups perceived to be the state of climate discussion within Oklahoma. Our results showed that there is indeed a specific approach, including certain languagethat should be used in Oklahoma and other more conservative states compared to what is often heard in national media, particularly from the urban, more progressive coastal cities


Our analysis showed that using careful wording and considerations for local resonance, there is a good approach for Oklahoma-based groups to engage on the topic of climate change with a high desirability among groups to be part of this conversation and discuss solutions.  [emphasis mine]

Some background:
  • Climate Central, which is presenting the paper, is an advocacy group that is very much part of Big Climate.
  • Yale Center on Climate Communications is another Big Climate organization that uses focus groups, surveys, and other techniques ("structured interviews...", see above) to try to better "sell" global warming doom. They are lavishly funded. Our tax dollars go to them, unfortunately. 
What they are presenting isn't science -- it is marketing and propaganda straight out of an episode of Mad Men. I've had younger members of the NWA approach me privately and tell me they feel intimidated by this type of presentation but are afraid to speak out against it. That is the reason for this posting. As one meteorologist messaged me:
Another told me that she was "so angry she almost cried" after reading that description. 

Brainwashing techniques have no business at a meteorology conference 
Lipstick focus group, "Mad Men"
and I regret it is on the agenda. It is an indication of the weakness of the catastrophic global warming hypothesis that its advocates have to rely on the same techniques used to sell laundry detergent to try to convince people of its validity.

I am hoping the paper will be withdrawn before the annual meeting commences. The National Weather Association is better than this. 


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