Forecast of DANGEROUS Inland Flooding

Camille-related flooding in Richmond, 1969

Serious Inland Flooding Risks
After 1969's Cat 5 Hurricane Camille, nearly as many were killed in flooding in the Middle Atlantic states as were by Camille's storm surge and winds. 

We may be looking at a repeat -- except, with modern meteorology, we have a chance to stop the deaths. The swath of red-orange-amber-yellow colors will see flooding. Please monitor your local meteorologists for updated information over the next few days. 

Three important points:
  • Note the 7+ inches forecasted over Pennsylvania and Maryland. Especially, given the mountains and the Keystone State's history of hurricane-related flood history, pay attention to the weather closely. 
  • From the Ohio River, south, most of the area already has very wet soil (map below) which will boost the flood potential. Darker blue = extremely wet.
  • There is serious flooding potential in Arizona due to the remains of Pacific Hurricane Nora. There is a lesser chance in western New Mexico and near the Four Corners.
The triple digit fatalities we had from flooding associated with Hurricanes Agnes and Camille do not need to recur. We can't stop the rain but we can certainly keep people out of harm's way and save lives.


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