Sunday, August 29, 2021

Final Forecast of the Night for Hurricane Ida. 1:25am

Storm Surge Flooding Has Begun as Ida Approaches the Coast. Moderate flooding has been measured at Slidell. And, the surge is higher than forecast at this point. The high tide later this morning is 10:36am which will be very dangerous.

Here is the position of the eye on radar. It is moving northwest pretty much as forecast. The strongest winds are in the right (east) half of the eye. Here is the image at 12:44am.

Sustained winds are 115 mph and the pressure is down to 955 mb. The storm is forecast to continue to strengthen up until landfall. I believe the eye will make landfall during the late morning. 
1:23am: winds are up to 129 mph and the pressure is down to 943mb. It is close to a Cat 4 storm now. 

At 1am, the new ECMWF model shows the storm easily reaching Cat 4, perhaps upper Cat 4 status, by landfall.
In addition to the storm surge, there will be major flash and river flooding. 

This will be my last update for the night. 

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