Extreme Risk of Flash Flooding in the Northeast

While this is the NWS's forecast, I choose to recharacterize the risk descriptions. 
  • Purple: Extreme risk of flash flooding.
  • Red: High risk of flash flooding.
  • Yellow: Medium risk.
  • Green: Slight risk.
This forecast is valid from tonight through 8am Thursday. I would add Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties of Maryland into the extreme risk area. 

The extreme risk is so important because 80+ of flash flood deaths occur in extreme risk areas. 

Update 443p,  ECMWF model shows torrential rains falling. 

Here is the latest radar, 4:44pm.

Moderate to, in places, heavy rain is falling over south central and southwest Pennsylvania. The heaviest rains in south central PA are expected to begin 4-8am Wednesday. 

Please follow local weather information for updates. 


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