Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What Happened to "Home of the Brave"?

Lara Logan may be the finest reporter in the world. She has special expertise in the Middle East and suffered terribly for her coverage of the Arab Spring. I've never known her to be anything but objective and factual. That is why these tweets are so powerful.

As a former member Marine Corps lieutenant colonel wrote yesterday,

Our national institutions are corrupt, ineffective, and out of touch with regular America. Our government is bent on subduing the ordinary citizens it views as its greatest enemy.

If there was any doubt about the illegitimacy of this police state, one only need look at the FBI’s latest fabricated terror plots or the Department of Homeland Security’s alarmingly evidence-free security warnings that we, the people are the main enemy of America. Expect to see DHS warnings that Americans who are unhappy with the United States’ wholesale surrender and foreign policy incompetence are potential terrorists. America is now a clown show where everyone who doesn’t clap is labeled a terrorist.

The military, the intelligence community, academia, journalism—the list of institutions plagued by moral bankruptcy and Baghdad Bob-level f-ckery goes on and on and on. Few Americans have confidence in America. Pile on a huge helping of COVID-19 hysteria, lockdowns, mounting shortages in housing and basic consumer goods, a quickly growing income gap between society’s poor and wealthy, and all-around lies and gaslighting—America is in trouble.

As I wrote Saturday, our nation is currently run by morons

I hate writing about politics, but this is one of the most dangerous periods in our nation's history because these wounds are self-inflicted. The U.S.'s leaders may be the worst in our history. The best thing we can do is pray for our nation and, especially at this point, the people we are evidently abandoning in Afghanistan.

And, while prayer is the highest thing to do, we must do more: Where is Congress? Where is the Republican Party? The "don't interfere with your opponent when they are shooting themselves in the foot" attitude doesn't cut it because the Biden Administration is shooting the nation in the foot in the process. It is essential to write your congressional delegation to tell them to intervene to insure we get our people out of Afghanistan. Then, we must reform the FBI and other federal agencies. 

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