9:40am Sunday: Hurricane Ida Update

Ida is an upper Category 4 hurricane and still strengthening. It has a good chance of making it to Cat 5 intensity. 

Below is the radar at 9:34am. Catastrophic damage is likely between the two arrows as the still strengthening eye moves WNW then NW. Winds are 150 mph and the central pressure is down to 931 millibars. 

New Orlean is just above the center of the image. I have highlighted the area with sustained 100+ mph winds and have hatched the area with winds of of 140 mph or stronger. It continues to move to the northwest. As the National Hurricane Center puts it:

If you are in the path of Ida, you must shelter as you would for a tornado: Closet or bath in the center of the house. If you have a helmet of some type, wear it. 

Below is the map of the forecasted wind speeds.

There is a tornado watch outlined in red below.

Power is already out in southeast Louisiana and those numbers will rise.

Don't bother with a generator today. Once the storm has passed, follow the instructions to the letter. 


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