Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday 10:50am Update on Hurricane Ida

Update at 10:50am: We now have an eye for the first time with Ida. Pressure has dropped two millibars. I believe we will see rapid intensification the rest of the day. 

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Hurricane Preparations Should Be 
Rushed to Completion in Louisiana

While the storm has not yet intensified as measured by the Hurricane Hunters, the appearance on satellite is worsening (looking like wind speeds will start to rapidly increase). The winds are 75 mph and the pressure is 984 millibars. 
For the first time since Ida formed, there is the appearance of eye formation. 

Here is the latest official forecast. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting peak winds of 130 mph at landfall. I believe that 140 mph winds are still on the table. 
The wind pattern (below) will look something like this but do not take this as exact. It could shift a little east or west and local effects can make the winds slightly more or less. 
Hurricane preparations should be completed by darkness tonight. 

There is an extreme risk of flooding in the areas in orange and yellow. 
That is why it is a good idea to evacuate to the west, such as Shreveport or Houston. If you evacuate to the east, you might have to deal with flooding on the way back. 

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