Saturday, April 24, 2021

Flooding Concern For Ozarks Continues

This is the NWS's rainfall amount forecast for the next five days. While the highest averaged-amount is five inches, there will be area that have as much as seven inches. 

This entire region has had a wet spring. Two day rainfall amounts (to 2pm today) continued to keep soils saturated and stream levels high. Click to enlarge. 
I apologize for the poor quality of the basemap but this is the only one I could find with this vital information. Please note the >2" amounts in eastern Oklahoma. 

The areas most at risk are:
  • Missouri south of Interstate 70.
  • The northwest half of Arkansas.
  • Eastern Oklahoma.
  • Far southeast Kansas. 
I always recommend that people in flood-prone area know how to quickly assemble a "go kit" so that they can evacuate if flood warnings are issued. This would be a good time to prepare. 

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