Why We Urge You to Go to a Small Room in the Middle of the Home on the Lowest Floor

This image succinctly demonstrates two of our tornado safety recommendations:

  • If you don't have a basement (and, if you do, get under the stairwell or sturdy furniture), get into a closet or bath in the middle of the house. You can see they held up better than the rooms with outside walls.
  • Take shelter on the lowest floor. 
This photo, used by James Spann during the most recent episode of WeatherBrains, depicts a bathtub which sheltered four (!) people as a tornado destroyed the home around them. 
It can seem foolish getting into a bathtub or taking some of these other precautions. I get that. But they can save your life. 

We are headed into peak tornado season. Please keep these recommendations in mind. 


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