Today's Tornado Risk Forecast

Please see 4:55pm Update Below --

There is a significant risk of a tornado or two in the yellow area of middle and south central Kansas. The time to monitor the weather is from 5pm until 11pm, based on current information. 

This is kind of a tricky forecast. I don't expect major tornadoes but any tornado can be dangerous. Please monitor the weather in this area later today and this evening.

The National Weather Service just issued a severe thunderstorm watch for central Kansas and south central Nebraska. 
In addition to 70 mph thunderstorm-induced wind gusts and 2" hail, their forecast also calls for a tornado or two possible.  

I am not a fan of putting tornado forecasts into severe thunderstorm watches. But, I wanted you to be aware that, evidently, the NWS has come around to my way of thinking about the tornado threat. As of 4:57pm, the very first thunderstorm is forming just southeast of Dodge City. 


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