Thursday, April 8, 2021

Tweets of the Week

Some comments from the Twitter feed. 

Stabilizing the Climate

This isn't the first tweet this week about "stabilizing our climate." I wonder if a press release pertaining to President Biden's infrastructure bill used that phrase.

Stabilizing the climate = stabilizing the weather. Does anyone actually believe we know how to control the weather? Besides, below is a graph of planetary temperatures since 1900. Can you point to any time where the climate was stable?
Even if we could control the weather, at what level is best for humanity? Climate scientists haven't even opined as to the ideal temperature for humans. 

Evil Weather Control
There are those who actually believe we can control the weather. 
We really should get the "we need to stabilize the climate" people together with the people who believe in "manmade manipulation of our weather." That way, we can save many trillion dollars in the infrastructure plan proposed by the president. 

One of the Vital Questions of Our Time
Yes! No more need be said. 

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