Thursday, May 9, 2019

Congratulations, Union Pacific Railroad and to America

One hundred-fifty years ago today [May 10, 2019], the "Golden Spike," connecting the Central Pacific Railroad (the west coast) to the Union Pacific Railroad (Midwest and East), was driven. That was the culmination of President Lincoln's dream to unite the United States via rail. Before the Golden Spike, it took two weeks to get from New York to California via unloading your ship, walking across Central America, and reloading a second ship to sail to San Francisco. Or, you could spend months on a single ship sailing around the tip of South America.

The two locomotives above (#4014, left, and the #844) are were there to recreate the iconic photo of the Jupiter (Central Pacific, left) and the #113 (Union Pacific) when the Golden Spike was driven.
Central Pacific merged with Southern Pacific which was purchased by Union Pacific in 1996, thus the single railroad represented today.

So, congratulations to Union Pacific and to the United States on completing President Lincoln's vision for uniting America. 

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