Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Climate Justice Day, Or Something

I didn't know until this evening that today is/was/might be climate day, peoples' climate day, climate justice day or something. Let's go to the film..

(Via Twitter), here is the dozen or marchers arriving (in their automobiles!) to protest burning gasoline and other fossil fuels.
Photo by Randy Francisco
In Washington, D.C., an overwhelming 300 people showed up!

And, Ben & Jerry's tells the few dozen people it is time to get serious about global warming.
I think it is wonderful that Ben & Jerry's does not use fossil fuels, huh? Oh, wait. I noticed this online:
Hmmmm. How do they get ice cream anywhere in the U.S. "by mail"? So, I did a little checking.
If you are not familiar with them, this is what DHL "mail" looks like:
So, we have a non-essential, fatty food being shipped by air -- the most carbon intensive means of shipping -- by a company complaining about the rest of us burning fossil fuels.

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