Friday, October 23, 2015

Strongest Winds Ever Recorded By the National Hurricane Center

The U.S. NHC is designated a regional hurricane center by the United Nations. Therefore, it measures, and offers advice to, other nations' meteorological services with regard to hurricane warnings.

A  hurricane hunter aircraft measured Patricia (below) and found 200 mph -- the strongest winds ever measured by NHC -- in the storm which will hit the west Mexico coast this afternoon.

Here is a map of the hurricane warning area. I placed an arrow pointing to Puerto Vallarta to orient you.
This storm will increase the flood threat to Texas over the weekend and the first of the week.

I also liked the Hurricane Center's parting paragraph:
The Air Force and NOAA scientists who fly into hurricanes put their lives in danger for us and sometimes we forget that. Yes, thank you US Air Force.

I'll update on the Texas rain threat this morning.

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