Saturday Stupidity: But it is OK When the "Huffington Post" Does It!

Headline from The Huffington Post:

CBS Sets Women in Sports Reporting Back About Fifty Years

Someone named Dani Bostick got her panties in a bunch because CBS' sideline reporter, Allie LaForce, in a rainstorm, did a report on high tech oxygen tanks used by college football teams. Ms. Bostick, for some reason, thought this set television reporting back five decades and Bostick also made it clear she does not care for Ms. LaForce because the CBS reporter is attractive. 

As she was criticizing Allie (left column) about being eye-candy, look immediately to the right of her criticism:
click to enlarge
When the reader clicks on the absolutely non-sexist "How to Get Away With a Super Short Hemline" article, we see this photo:
An attractive blonde showing a lot of leg. 

This is what Ms. LaForce looked like during the report in question:
I'll let you make up your own mind as to which photo is more "sexist."

So, I guess the takeaway here that attractive blondes are OK and non-sexist in the Huffington Post but not on CBS. No hypocrisy here!


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