5:20pm EST: Carolinas and Joaquin Updates

Here is the forecast rainfall for the Carolinas region from the NWS. It is very similar (different color scheme) forecast to what I posted earlier.

This will bring catastrophic flooding to some areas.

Here are flood preparation ideas:

If you live:
  • In a flood prone area or near a small stream
  • If you live in a 100 year flood plain
  • Or, if you live near a major river in the area labeled "heaviest rain region"
please think about the following preparations:
  • Plenty of extra cash.
  • A full tank of fuel for your vehicle.
  • Freshly refilled prescriptions.
  • Valuables gathered together so they can be quickly put into the trunk so you can leave quickly.
  • A place to go: A relative's home on high ground, a motel, a public shelter, etc. If you go to a hotel, have a reservation. You may wish to consider an "extended stay" type of hotel.
  • Be prepared to put valuable items you cannot take with you on top of tables, on the second floor, or in the attic to hopefully protect them from floodwaters. 
  • If you evacuate, turn off the gas, water and electricity.
The rains have begun in the region and will rapidly increase over the area.
5:15pm AccuWeather Regional Radar
If you have friends in this region, please relay this to them to insure they are aware of the threat.


This is the latest 3-day forecast track of Joaquin.
It is Category 4 intensity and has hit the central Bahamas very hard.

There is very poor confidence as to the forecast after Sunday afternoon. Currently, most of the more reliable models take it out to sea but there are still some that bring it inland. I will update as we get more information.

So, the big weather news is the horrible flooding that will develop in the Carolinas region.


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