I tuned in FS1 to watch my K-State Wildcats take on Texas and Kris Budden, the sideline reporter,
tells us that "Mother Nature is unpredictable" and that they didn't know it was going to be raining!!

All you have to do is scroll down and you will see the flooding rains in Texas were extremely well forecast. AccuWeather, the National Weather Service and just about everyone else forecast it as well.

I have no problems with sideline reporters and, earlier this week, wrote a post defending CBS's Allie LaForce against unfair criticism. But, repeating silly clich├ęs about meteorologists is not news reporting.

AccuWeather has video of the Austin flooding.


  1. Thanks Mike for all the detailed information that you posted over the last few days. The idea that we didn't know this was coming is absurd. At least one school here in Austin decided to postpone Homecoming until next week. They made this decision on Wednesday.

    Austinites avoided the Thursday and Friday rains. It finally started coming down early this morning. So far it is not been near as bad as the rains in May, but it's good to be prepared. And we're still not out of it yet…


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