Saturday Silliness: Al Gore Speaks!

Apparently, Al was lonely and looking for some publicity and so decided to give an interview to The Hill about -- you guessed it -- global warming. Here are some 'highlights.'

“We have to mobilize public opinion, and we’re the only country in the world where one of the major political parties denies the reality of science,” [Gore] added of the Republicans.

Like refusal to eat GMO foods?

Gore praised the 2016 Democratic presidential field for opposing construction of the Keystone oil pipeline.

Oh, boy, more Mideast oil?

“It’s astonishing on one level and it’s sad for our country because this is the biggest challenge we face,” the one-time White House contender said.

I had to stop laughing before I could write this response. Global warming the "biggest challenge"? How about… Nuclear Iran? Russia in the Middle East? China in the South China Sea?

Heck, global warming isn't even the biggest environmental problem: Malaria in Africa kills 1,000,000/year, mostly children. Those deaths could easily be prevented (as opposed of trying to control the weather). New, cheap technology for purifying water now exists. For less than we spend on global warming, we could give clean water to the majority of people who do not currently have it. This technology is amazingly cheap both to install and to maintain ($30/year for a village of 5,000 people).

So, let's hope Al decides to take a cruise on his yacht and, going forward, withholds his wisdom from us.


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