7-Day Rainfall Forecast

This is the seven-day rainfall forecast for the south central United States. Two areas are forecast by the NWS to have more than ten inches of rain. Needless to say, this could result in serious flooding.

You may recall the fatal flooding in Texas in May. If you live near one of the streams that flooded then, you are at risk of flooding again. Here are some flood safety recommendations:
  • Plenty of extra cash.
  • A full tank of fuel for your vehicle.
  • Freshly refilled prescriptions.
  • Valuables gathered together so they can be quickly put into the trunk so you can leave quickly if rising waters force you to do so. 
  • A place to go: A relative's home on high ground, a motel, a public shelter, etc. If you go to a hotel, have a reservation. You may wish to consider an "extended stay" type of hotel.
  • Be prepared to put valuable items you cannot take with you on top of tables, on the second floor, or in the attic to hopefully protect them from floodwaters. 
  • If you evacuate, turn off the gas, water and electricity.
  • You may need extra water even if you do not evacuate. You may recall that a number of cities' water systems failed in the recent South Carolina floods. 


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