Wednesday, July 1, 2015

KC Tornado Update

7:41pm, rotation is less strong than at 7:29 but it is still worth following as it moves SE to SSE.

7:35pm, a report of a brief tornado touchdown at 82nd and Troost which would have been under the rotation shown below.

7:29pm, the second storm is producing some rotation near Hickman Mills moving SSE.
Consider taking cover if the weather appears threatening in Grandview and surrounding areas.

7:22pm, there is rotation starting to form near Waldo. People in south KC should keep an eye on this storm and be prepared to take cover if the weather appears threatening.

7:21pm, tornado warning extended southeast into Cass and Johnson Co., Missouri. Circulation circled. Take cover in red polygons.

7:12, center of circulation. Moving SE. Tornado warning continues. Some damage has occurred.

7:07pm, location of "hook echo" (signature) headed southeast toward Pleasant Hill, MO.

7:05, via Twitter and KSHB TV, powerlines arcing due to tornadic winds in Lees Summit.

6:59pm, tornado reportedly near St. Lukes Hospital - East in Lees Summit.

6:56pm, circulation circled. Reports confirm tornado on ground with debris lofted in air. Tornado in the KC suburb of Lees Summit moving SE. Take cover in red polygon!

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