Thursday, July 16, 2015

Global Warming? Global Cooling? Oy!

You've undoubtedly read the news about the two reports predicting serious global cooling starting in about 1-2 decades.

Here are some words of wisdom from Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr.
One area of controversy has to do with the reliability of computer models of the global climate system. Can they accurately predict future climate change?
At this point, the answer is no. Predicting the climate of the next century with precision is impossible. Scientists and the news media must take care to better educate policymakers about the process of science, and in that effort, scientists must also be careful about the words they use. Policymakers must beware those who talk about ``climate predications;'' no one knows how to accurately predict climate.
My advice, stop worrying about climate change. Roger is correct: We don't know how to predict it and we certainly don't know how to change it.

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