Monday, July 27, 2015

Sprites Over Northwest Kansas

...taken from 700+ miles away. This is really amazing video of a rare phenomena. Enjoy!
Sprites and Meteors, 26 July 2015 from ZT Research on Vimeo.

Massive sprites and a few meteors captured with a Watec 901H2 Ultimate low light camera from Rapid City, South Dakota on the night of 26 July 2015. Sprites are huge electrical discharges in the upper atmosphere that start about 60 km in altitude and extend both upward to 90 km and downward to 20 km. They occur when a large cloud-to-ground lightning flash takes place in a large storm system below. Typically, a large negative field change caused by a horizontally extensive positive cloud-to-ground flash initiates bipolar/bidirectional electrical breakdown of the rarified air in the upper atmosphere. Positive streamers travel downward and negative streamers travel upward. They can be seen up to 700 km away with a low light camera and good view conditions. The sprites captured in this video ranged between 400 - 700 km (south central Nebraska to northcentral-northeastern Kansas).

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