Monday, November 10, 2014

$3 Million Kansas Condo. And, It Is Tornado Proof!

The Wall Street Journal has an article about the booming business of converting Kansas missile silos into luxury condos that are bomb-proof and weather-proof. Concordia, by the way, is in north central Kansas, about 150 miles north of Wichita.

When Tyler Allen agreed to fork over $3 million in cash for a luxury condominium near Concordia, Kan., he wasn’t attracted by the indoor swimming pool, 17-seat movie theater, or hydroponic vegetable garden.
Mr. Allen, a 45-year-old Orlando, Fla., sports bar and nightclub owner, insists he isn’t a “tinfoil hat-wearing” type preparing for the end of the world.The real selling point of the 1,820-square-foot apartment: It will be buried 174 feet underground in a decommissioned missile silo sturdy enough to withstand a nuclear attack.
Rather, he cites growing security threats—such as a global health pandemic, cataclysmic weather and terror attacks.
The article is really interesting. It is complete with diagram of the luxury unit and numerous photos. If you have a problem getting to the article, Google "Rennovated Luxury Condo; Can Withstand Nuclear Attack."

I can state with certainty that it will be warmer below ground than above ground in Concordia for the next week.


  1. I wonder what it costs to renovate one of those. My family will inherit one south of Wichita in the future, but we've never actually been inside of it. It's possible that it would be unusable I imagine.

  2. Not so, Atlas E & F facilities are highly prized real estate. The problem is you have to clean up years of neglect and vandalism.

    Wamego, KS 548-7 was once the most prolific LSD labs in the world it's bathrooms are all Italian marble,

    The 548-6 near Topeka, KS is the headquarters for Ed peden's "20th Century Castles" a company that specializes in selling and renovating these abandoned facilities.

    My list of cold war castles goes on and on... From murder, mayhem, lost teens exploring the silos, a middle school and even the headquarters for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network are all in these old abandoned facilities.

    Full disclosure: I spent years collecting stories and mapping every abandoned missile facility in the US (and some abroad) I am an old Minuteman ICBM tech.


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