Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1:45pm CST: Winter Storm Update

Extraordinary snowfalls being documented in West Virginia and other higher elevation locations.
Davina Wagoner via Twitter
Airport Delays at 1:41pm:
  • Boston, 1 hr.  13 min.
  • Newark, 2 hr.  28 min.
  • JFK, 1 hr.  19 min.
  • LaGuardia, At least 2. 5 hours. Having problems with runway equipment. 
  • Philadelphia, 1 hr.  29 min. 
  • Dulles, approximately 30 minutes
  • Reagan, 26 minutes
  • Minneapolis,  47 minutes
AccuWeather Regional Radar at 1:40pm

Forecast Regional Radar at 7pm EST
By 7pm, the snow should be over at Reagan Airport and ending at Dulles. It will continue into the evening at other major Northeast airports. Note that NYC and Boston at that time will be a mix of sleet and rain if this forecast is correct. 

This will be the last travel update on this storm. Hope the coverage has been helpful in getting you to your family for Thanksgiving. 

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