Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Fun: Where to Eat in Wichita

[This got covered up by storm information, so I am bumping back to the top.]
From Alton Brown's gastrotour of the city; for his reviews, click here. I don't have any quibbles with his reviews. Tanya's curry soup is amazing.

I took a first-time visitor out two weeks ago who (since Kansas is the #1 beef state) wanted beef. So, I took her to Scotch & Sirloin and she loved it (but, get the cottage fries!). Scotch has their own butcher shop. Chesters is another terrific place for beef (and everything else).

Below is letter to the editor in the Wichita Eagle today. Come and visit. BTW: Jerry Seinfeld will be in town Thursday.

Tourism jewel

I recently finished a two-week visit to Kansas and stayed in Wichita. I was greatly impressed with the beauty, diversity, culture and fascinating histories of Wichita and smaller cities. Everyone was kind and very courteous, not to mention helpful on a number of occasions. Services are second to none that I have seen traveling around, and hotels, meals and entertainment were very reasonably priced compared with other areas I have visited.
It was a great surprise to see the great job that was done in preserving all the historical buildings in places like Dodge City, Lawrence and Wichita. Kansans have so much to be proud of, so I would like to suggest that the state really take on an ambitious project in advertising itself a lot more throughout the rest of North America and Europe.
In the interim, I will let people in my province of Alberta know what a rich jewel they are missing out on.

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