Friday, November 28, 2014

Start Planning for 2017

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I guess I should tell my tale of woe regarding the last solar eclipse I attempted to see. Notice the word, "attempted." In 1991, I took my entire family to Hawaii to see a total solar eclipse. The kids had never been to Hawaii and I thought it would be a great family trip.

The area of longest totality was between the islands of Maui and Hawaii. So, I booked the family on an eclipse cruise. The weather was fine when the ship left the dock. But, it poured down rain during the eclipse and the family was terribly disappointed, especially since they had to get up a 4am. All they could see at the time of totality was clouds, rain, and darkness.

People on the boat were literally crying with disappointment. As we were reaching the dock to disembark, my son, Brandon, said, "Well, I had a good time, Dad."

[Gratefully!] Thank you, Brandon, I am so glad to hear that!!

Brandon, "Not!!"

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