Monday, November 24, 2014

More on Gov. Cuomo's Inaccurate Criticism of the National Weather Service

Another excellent article about New York Governor Cuomo's inaccurate and highly unfortunate criticism of the National Weather Service has been written. I'm running the article because what we are now forecasting -- pre-Thanksgiving snow as far south as North Carolina -- is also an unusual event and the article, hopefully, complements this blog's storm coverage. The article tells why the Buffalo blizzard forecast was so difficult, so amazingly good, and why Gov. Cuomo is so far off base.

Yesterday, on Twitter, I got quite a bit of criticism for linking the governor's comments to his belief in global warming. Perhaps I wasn't clear. Here is my logic: Politicians often hear the climate cult (NOT all climate scientists) constantly hyping "storms being made worse by global warming" even though there is little to no scientific evidence that is actually the case. So, we have a series of hugely inaccurate statements by senior officials:
None of these were extemporaneous remarks (where errors would be understandable). In each case, they were delivering prepared comments. So, I believe it is reasonable to conclude these politicians and/or their speechwriters are so used to hearing about global warming-alleged catastrophes it doesn't even occur to them to question these ridiculous statements.

My hypothesis is further bolstered by comments Gov. Cuomo made trying to clarify his original remarks:

Cuomo (who is still probably thinking about running for president) is considerably less interested in information about the cause of all the disastrous weather he believes his [mesonetwork] system will predict, which he called "a matter of life and death" on Sunday. "We are experiencing a pattern of extreme weather that we have not seen before," he said. "I don't want to get into a political debate at this time about climate change causes, et cetera. Forget the causes. Is it global warming? Is it reliance on fossil fuels? Forget the causes. What is inarguable is the result."  [bolding mine]

Snow in Buffalo in November can't happen without global warming? I rest my case. 

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