Sixth Tornado Watch Issued

The red outlines are tornado watches. Blue is a severe thunderstorm watch.

The latest watch is in effect until 4am and the risk of tornadoes is "high" and risk of violent tornadoes is  "moderate."
Nighttime tornadoes is the worst possible situation. Please turn on your NOAA Weather Radio and set the tone-alarm feature. If you do not have a weather radio,
  • Go to WeatherCall and subscribe to their service. Because they use the NWS's polygons, they will call you during the night is there is a genuine tornado threat and their system gives you a lower chance of a false alarm. I recommend them even if you have a weather radio as it is always a good idea to have more source for tornado warnings. 
  • Put a TV remote or a radio near your bed and flip it on immediately if you hear thunder during the night. 
  • If you live in an area with sirens, crack a window near your bed to improve your chances of hearing it.
The above two suggestions are not a substitute for having a weather radio but they improve your chances for tonight. 

I am not live-blogging these storms or doing any coverage because we are still having network issues at my home. I don't want you to depend on the blog when there is a chance I can't get something critical posted in a timely fashion.

Of course, AccuWeather updates its web site during the night. 


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