Sunday, April 27, 2014

LARGE Tornado With Damage Closing in on Vilonia, AR

Tornado near or in El Paso, Arkansas, at 8:02pm. Searcy, Take cover!!

El Paso, Floyd and Center Hill need to be in shelter at 8pm.

7:53pm, tornado appears to have passed over Violia.
Appears to be headed toward Otto and Mt. Vernon. Considerable debris.

7:48pm, tornado in vicinity of Vilonia with debris ball (blue circle).
Severe damage reported with this storm. 

7:44pm, based on the strength of the velocity (signature), this is a Joplin or 
Greensburg-type tornado. 

The tornado at 7:38 is rapidly moving toward Vilonia. Damage and search & rescue in the Mayflower area.

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