Sunday, April 27, 2014

8:20am Sunday: Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Risk Update

Unfortunately, things are developing pretty much as forecast.

Two severe thunderstorm watches are currently in effect.

The regional radar at 8:05am shows widespread thunderstorms in the watch areas.
Note the thunderstorms from near Dallas to southeast Oklahoma on AccuWeather's regional radar. Those are candidates to produce tornadoes as they intensify. There are already numerous severe thunderstorm warnings in effect in Oklahoma for damaging winds (especially) and large hail.

Radar at 8:13am. Severe thunderstorm warnings are yellow polygons.

Here is the tornado forecast from the Storm Prediction Center. Keep in mind 5% is the significant number. The hatched area is where violent tornadoes are forecast to occur.
I urge you to make your tornado preparations now if you live in these areas and, especially, if you live in the hatched area.


  1. I would like to think this line of storms in Oklahoma that is moving towards the MO/AR line would settle down the atmosphere, reducing any tornado chances.

  2. Don't count on that. It often rains in the morning before violent tornadoes (contrary to popular perception).