Tornado Moving into Brandon, MS

Damage from this tornado:

The tornado is going to move across Brandon, MS and it may hit the NWS and their radar which is at the center of the black circle. Confirmed damage. One report of "emergency conditions" in the Jackson area.
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Considerable lofted debris detected by dual-polarization radar. Apparently, the tornado passed just south of the radar. It is still on the ground.
"Heavy damage" reported with this tornado. 

2 miles WSW of BRANDON, MS-Many homes damaged. Search in progress.


  1. Hey, My parents are in Brandon and I'm 3 hours away. Do you have news???

  2. Don't understand your question. I reported "many homes damaged" in Brandon. Because this is not a news site; we concentrate on weather, I can't be more specific. Good luck to you and your parents.

  3. Greenfield Village, West Jasper St area too... Louis Wilson/Shiloh area

  4. This should also help.

    The city has a site and has posting as to where the damage is.


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