These are rare and they deserve your attention:

Violent, long-track tornadoes are possible in these areas. Note the probability of F-2 or greater tornadoes is "high" along with damaging thunderstorm winds.

Please make sure friends and family are aware. Sheltering tips include, and these should be completed before thunderstorms approach:

If a warning is issued, you need to take shelter either in a basement or on the lowest floor with as many walls as possible between you and the storm. A bathtub is a good alternative on the lowest floor with a motorcycle or football helmet if one is available. Your sheltering plans should include:
  • Substantial footware. If your area is hit, you don't want to be walking over nails and glass.
  • A flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Some bottles of water. 
  • Cash, in case you cannot get to an ATM.
  • Family heirlooms. 


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