Violent Tornado Approaching Mayflower, AR

8:10pm: Via Twitter, Arkansas State Police reporting one fatality near Mayflower. However, I would consider that report unconfirmed.

Via Twitter, damage in or near Mayflower.

7:34pm the velocity data with the tornado location circled. LARGE tornado confirmed with damage. Vilonia and surrounding areas take cover now!!

7:30pm Damage confirmed!

7:29pm radar update. The debris ball is crossing the highway (I-40) near and just south of Mayflower. The tornado warning (red polygon) has been extended northeast. Take cover in the red polygon!

This is the lofted debris with the tornado near Mayflower. Little Rock lower right, North Little Rock AFB is the radar location (black circle).

One of the strongest rotational signatures I have seen. It is a large tornado on the ground near Roland moving right at Mayflower.
Take cover now!!


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